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Winter of discontent

In the autumn of 1977, I preached a series of sermons at St. Lukes Brighton on Revival, Renewal, and Restoration. Nationally it was a time of social unrest with unemployment at an all time high, the threat of national disruption with strikes planned, the economy failing, and feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, creeping through the nation. The turmoil led to what has become known as the Winter of Discontent.

At the same time, the Holy Spirit was moving, with many churches coming alive in the Holy Spirit and new churches being planted.

My passion then, as a young 32-year-old pastor has not abated. I recently found the tape of this sermon and felt the content is just as relevant for our situation today. Some of the issues may have changed, but the anxieties about the future are as real as ever. This extract has set my heart on fire to believe God for a move of His Spirit in our day. SPIRIT BREAK OUT.

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